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Viña Aranda Winery

nº 19 Aldeire 18514 Granada

It was in 2012 when the project started,  young vineyards in the North side of Sierra Nevada between 1100-1250 metres above sea level, which are located in a village called Aldeire.

We produce all our vines with the minimum intervention and, above all, all possible care  for both the vineyard and the vines produced as well. We work with small productions and author wines.

Our bet is for resistant varieties to climate change, but, in the same way, qualitative ones. Grapes that adapt themselves to our terroir, that is to say, enduring the cold winter and the drastic summer temperatures. Due to these characteristics, our main objective is quality.

On the other hand, the winery is built 4,5 metres underground, as a consequence, we stabilise the wine in a natural way. Moreover, it helps, thanks to its temperature, to preserve the vines that are produced and the ones which are bottled.

We are committed to sustainable wine tourism surrounded by the vineyard, the National and Natural Park of Sierra Nevada and the Castle from La Calahorra. 

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