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Legal nature and composition.

1. The Regulatory Council is the management body of the Protected Designation of Origin "Granada". It is constituted as a non-profit Public Law corporation, with its own legal personality, economic autonomy and full capacity to act for the fulfillment of its purposes that generally subject its activity to Private Law, except in actions that imply the exercise of Public powers, in which it must be subject to Administrative Law.

2. By virtue of its corporate nature and its qualification as a representative and democratic body, the Regulatory Council will be made up of the natural or legal persons who own vineyards and wineries duly registered in the Registries established in article 28 of these Regulations, who manifest their Willingness to form part of said Council, governing at all times the principles of management autonomy, non-profit making and democratic functioning, representativeness of economic and sectoral interests, with special attention to minorities and equal representation of the confluent sectors.

Governance and management structure.

3. The governing and management bodies of the Regulatory Council are:
for president.
b) The plenary session.
c) The general secretariat.
d) The technical commission.


The Regulatory Council of the Protected Designation of Origin GRANADA


Structure and Function

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